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Lund Genesis Snap Tonneau Cover 90064

Product Information
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3.8 (3 reviews)
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  • Durable Snap Construction
  • Vehicle Specific Fitment
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Showcases notched, reinforced corners
  • Patented Insulsnaps Provide Easy Tonneau Alignment
  • Easy Cam Clamp Mounting Process
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
  • Removable Bows
  • Integrated Rear Tailgate Seal
  • Made in the USA

Measure Your Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover

Does your truck have a track system?

If you're in need of a snappy tonneau that offers ease of use, adds protection/security and minimizes wind resistance, you've found it! The Genesis Snap tonneau cover from Lund Industries offers a one of a kind design, very affordable price as well as free shipping.

Lund Genesis Snap tonneau covers are made to custom fit your truck bed. They feature a tough vinyl tarp which fastens to an aluminum frame and rolls over 3 or 4 cross bows. All bow & frame hardware is powdercoated for a sleek design and adds extra protection against rust. The insulsnaps are designed to slide in the frame rail, giving you easy tonneau alignment and a way to add tension when needed.

Did I happen to mention that the Genesis Snap tonneau adds a sleek and stylish appearance? I guess you saw that in the image above, didn't you? This affordable truck bed cover is designed to enhance the appearance of your truck bed, giving you the stylish you seek!

Whether you're looking for enhanced style or added truck bed protection, the Genesis Snap tonneau is for you!

Order Notes

The cargo management, utili-track, or deck rail system options refer to the factory installed rail system designed to hold moveable cargo cleats along the inside of your truck bed. Please call us for further clarification.

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  • 2002-2011 Dodge Ram 1500, 6'4" Bed
  • 2012-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed
  • 2003-2011 Dodge Ram 2500, 6'4" Bed
  • 2012-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed
  • 2003-2011 Dodge Ram 3500, 6'4" Bed
  • 2012-2018 Dodge Ram 3500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed
  • 2010-2011 Ram Truck 1500, 6'4" Bed
  • 2012-2018 Ram Truck 1500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed
  • 2010-2011 Ram Truck 2500, 6'4" Bed
  • 2012-2018 Ram Truck 2500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed
  • 2010-2011 Ram Truck 3500, 6'4" Bed
  • 2012-2018 Ram Truck 3500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed


Product Reviews Summary

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Part #: LND-90064 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 (Felton, PA)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
Service was fast cover is great looks, quality ease of installation
Ok to look at / Harder to use
Part #: LND-90064 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- 2014 Ram Truck 1500 (Venice, FL)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
My previous two trucks had covers that I had ordered from "Tonneau Masters Inc." but alas they have since gone out of business. This choice from Lund was the closest thing that I could find in terms of perceived quality and price. . It looks absolutely great but it's a royal pain to use .

I wanted SNAPS not some quick seal strip gizmo thing . . . BUT I wound up getting BOTH. This unit has a small section of sealing strip about a foot long at the center of the head section that is up behind the cab. Don't ask me why ! Without climbing up into the bed of the truck it's impossible to get it to seal. It's a drag. The snaps that are in the metal frame FLOAT FREE supposedly to make it easy to secure the cover I guess. Actually they are a pain in the @%# because you have to slide each and every one to line up with it's mate for each and every location. If you happen to miss one you have to unsnap them all and then start all over again. Also, if you transport anything in the back with the cover off you'll have to tape / somehow secure the snaps from "sliding right out" of the side rails . Ooops ....Where did ALL my snaps go ? The snaps in the rail are also made from some sort of plastic / cast material ( not metal ) so I'm sure that they will be subject to future premature wear. The three cross bows will only fit in each of their respectively marked locations at the junctions of the 3 c-clamps that attach the rails to each side of the bed. This is also a pain when transporting cargo where you want the load only "partially" uncovered. I'm sure that when the painted numbers indicating their location wear off the bows that too will prove challenging . It was a 30 minute job to install , very straight forward and simple . Throw the paper directions that come with it away and use a U Tube video for instructions. It's a good heavy weight vinyl material with a pleasing texture pattern that will be interesting to see how it handles the sun down here in Southwest Florida . Like I said, it's a great "looking" tonneau cover, but it's NOT REAL USER FRIENDLY . I liked my previous covers a hundred times better than this one. TIME WILL TELL.
Part #: LND-90064 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 (Brooksville, FL)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
had other covers that fit better and better quality was to come wiht tailgate seal never arrived and cover dousnt reall fit the conture of the dodge 1500 bed perfect ,wnt repeat with lund cross member not spring loaded just a rubber bushing if u lose it your screwed ,poor quality


Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Lund Genesis Snap Tonneau Cover is backed by a limited lifetime warranty offered by Lund.  Please call 1-877-216-5446 for more information.


East at home installation.  No drilling is required.  The Lund cover installs to your truck bed with clamps.  For additional information, please call toll free  1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.