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Heartthrob Race Muffler
Heartthrob Race Mufflers
From:  $39.45  

Heartthrob Mufflers

We’d ask if you’re here looking to get improved power, torque, and performance out of your truck or sports utility vehicle, but then we thought that’s hardly a question worth asking. You’re a serious vehicle owner, so of course you’re looking for all those things. That’s why we stock these quality Heartthrob mufflers.
The Minnesota-based company knows how to make quality accessories to maximize your vehicle’s performance, and we want to get one out to your so bad we won’t even charge you for shipping! It sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but it’s the way we think things should be.

With nearly four decades of experience, this company has long committed itself to excellence and producing the best aftermarket accessories it possibly can. They produce a wide range of performance vehicle accessories, including their top notch Heartthrob mufflers. Everything they make is built using top of the line technology to ensure you get an exceptionally well made product. We trust what these guys do, and we know they make great stuff.

Features And Benefits
Heartthrob uses mandrel tube bending to ensure their products and they produce mufflers to fit a wide range of vehicles. They can also work wonders when it comes to improving the tone of your vehicle when you fire it up.

The easy to install, simple bolt on design of Heartthrob performance mufflers are what sets them apart from the competition. They’re known for providing the best in the business when it comes to everything they make, and their mufflers are no exception. The biggest benefits here come from a boost in power and torque. This can be a major help any time you’re driving your vehicle anywhere for any reason. From quicker acceleration to more power for towing, there are a multitude of reasons to get one of these on your vehicle.

For even further performance gains, look into our full selection of exhausts, bolt on performance, and fuel system parts!

Enhanced Style
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hearing people say a lot of things like, “Hey, is that a super awesome Heartthrob muffler I see there?” These things get noticed. A lot. And for good reason! They look as great as they perform, and your friends, family, and co-workers will be as impressed as you are with their quality.

Why Shop
There are lots of reasons to shop at! For starters, there’s our more than 500,000 accessories that we have in stock. Furthermore, we only stock products we believe in and know are of high quality. That saves you time and money trying to sort out the good stuff from things that don’t deserve to be on your vehicle.

We also staff a top notch customer service team that’s ready to help you out with absolutely anything. When we say anything, we mean it too. From helping you choose the best product for your vehicle, to answering questions about anything you see on our site, to addressing issues and concerns that might arise, they’re on top of it. Just give them a call at 877-216-5446!