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Dee Zee Nerf Bars and Running Boards

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Dee Zee Nerf Bars and Running Boards

So your significant other is steadily harping about how jacked up your truck is and how hard it is to maneuver in and out. Having no other choice, you’ve set out to find the best side step boards on the market. It’s a good thing you’ve landed on this page as we carry a full selection of over 10 Dee Zee nerf bars and running boards.
Dee Zee is a trusted name in the automotive world. They make high quality products at a price that everyone can afford… with their running boards & nerf bars being no exception. Buy a set today and receive our everyday low prices and fast, free shipping.

Their manufacturing plant is located right in Iowa which means every item shipped is created right here in the USA! They’ve been going strong since 1977. And with being and OEM provider to such names like GM, Ford, Toyota, and Chrysler (just to name a few) you know they have experience and warranty to back their step bars under their belt.

Selection is the name of the game at, but we won’t add products that don’t pass our quality standards. So buy with confidence knowing Dee Zee nerf bars and running boards are made to last.

Whether you’re looking for a 4” nerf bar or diamond tread running boards… Dee Zee’s got you covered. They offer one of the largest selections on our virtual shelves. In addition, you have your choice between a stainless steel, aluminum, or black finish. Either way, these nerf bars and running boards will transform your ride into a custom cruising machine.

Imagine - there you are cruising down the strip with a set of brand spanking new Dee Zee stainless finished nerf bars. You’ve been rolling down this street since you were a kid, but this time it’s different. You’ve never got the neck breaking attention you seem to be getting at this very moment. What a great feeling… right?

Of course we won’t let your better half catch wind that you’re ordering for style. We understand that you have to keep it under the radar. So if they ask, simply let them know about the paragraph below.

Dee Zee nerf bars and running boards, although very stylish, also add amazing function. We know trucks of today are getting bigger and badder, that’s why we go great lengths to assist in outfitting your ride to be more user friendly. Jumping in and out of these jacked up trucks can cause a major dilemma, especially in the winter months. Nobody wants to jump out of their truck onto a sketchy patch of ice. That could cause major health issues. We’re not saying that not owning a pair of DeeZee side running boards is against your health… we’re just saying, “It’s something like that!”

Once you slap a set of these bad boys onto your ride, you no longer have to worry about jumping onto a patch of ice. Not to mention, most of us aren’t getting any younger, so we should do everything in our power to take it easy. And Dee Zee nerf bars and running boards help to do just that. They assist in helping you into and out of your ride. With their non-slip surfaces, these boards cradle your foot and gently give you the boost needed for safe and secure entry and departure.

Order today and start stepping into you’re ride with the style and security you seek.