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racks and carriers


Racks & Carriers

We realize one size does NOT fit all. When it comes to racks and carriers, RealTruck has stocked our online store with a selection of over 100 different product lines for you to choose from. We carry the best truck racks, cargo carriers, headache racks, utility and ladder racks from industry leading brands.
With names like Cross Tread, TracRac, Hauler Rack, Kargo Master, ProRac, Rhino Rack, Thule Rack and TracRac, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your contractor truck, your minivan, your SUV or your everyday pickup truck!

Finding the right racks and carriers for your vehicle can be confusing so let us help. Whether you're searching for racks for trucks, racks for vans, headache racks or you're simply browsing racks and carriers we've got what you need. Search our virtual shelves today.

Headache Racks

Protect your truck’s rear window from cargo shift with a headache rack.  Designed to completely frame and surround your rear window, different styles of headache racks will not only keep your truck’s glass safe from dangerous gear while in transit, but some model are even designed to cool your truck. 

RealTruck carries stainless steel and aluminum racks designed to withstand the elements from corrosion and to give your truck a stylish look.  There are many options to choose from including different finishes like white, clear coat and black.  We also carry rear window option headache racks for those who need access to their truck bed from the cab!

Truck Racks

Looking for a heavy duty contractor’s truck rack or are you in the market for a sporty truck bed rack?  You’ve come to the right place!  RealTruck carries an extensive selection of over 40 different lines of racks for trucks.  Anodized aluminum or stainless steel, the choice is yours when it comes to protection against rust and corrosion. 

We carry your traditional Side Mount Racks, Contractor Racks as well as Topper and Canopy Racks for your Full Sized, Mid Sized or Light Duty Pickup Truck.  Our Economy and Sport Truck Racks are extremely affordable.  Contractors, shop our inventory for universal or custom fit deluxe contractor ladder racks or basic truck racks. 

Roof Cargo Bags

When you use one of these, you’ve instantly doubled the size of your car’s, CUV’s, SUV’s or Van’s cargo space.  Some people even use them on their truck!  RealTruck carries everything from economy car top bags to deluxe cargo bags.  Soft roof top carriers are easy to install and simple to load and maintain. 

A roof cargo bag is guaranteed to protect your load from rain, road grit, fierce wind and the harsh rays of the sun while traveling.  Choose from brands aerodynamically designed to work better in the wind or from styles made to expand and contract as your cargo needs change.

Ladder Racks

RealTruck only carries the best, but on top of that we carry variety.  We offer a huge selection of Ladder Racks for van or pickup truck.  Our truck bed ladder racks are terrific for everyday use or for occasional hauling.  Browse from over 50 different styles of strongly constructed designs made to withstand the everyday abuse you throw at it.  Forged from steel or aluminum, you’re certain to find a ladder rack that will withstand the corrosive elements natures conjures up.  

Many of our truck and van ladder racks are produced specifically to cut down on wind noise and molded to your vehicle’s make and model for that perfect fit.  We carry ladder racks for mini vans as well.  Don’t worry about hauling lumber, ladders or other extended gear on your long trip; we’ll support you!

Van Racks

Built extremely lightweight so they can rest on the roof of your vehicle, a van rack is the best solution for hauling a ladder or any other oversized cargo you may need.  Custom built for your van, these racks are made durable and rigid from steel or aluminum so they are ready to withstand the daily needs of any builder, plumber or other contractor. 

RealTruck offers van racks for both full size and mini vans.  Our kits are easy to assemble and many come with rain gutters to prevent the roof of you van from developing any corrosion issues as well!

Keep in mind that we also carry hitch carriers and racks.