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Lighted Running Boards

Let there be light! In the darkest corners of those shadowy parking lots after lugging a ton of groceries to your truck, you want to see what you’re stepping into. Presenting Lighted Running Boards from We carry the best brand names in the business like Bestop, Lund, and Westin.
LED running boards not only give you a step up, they shine a little light on the subject while they’re at it!

Features and Benefits
We’re in the business of providing the best products at a fair price. To make things even better, we ship them to you free. We do this because we think that it’s a crime to pay for ground shipping! Especially when you’re purchasing a product built to provide you with convenience.

Lighted running boards are designed to work in all types of weather; rain, sleet, snow, heat, and tons of mud. They’re also tested and re-tested in all climates and temperatures. So your lights will turn on at -30F and 105F with no issues! In addition to lighting up, these boards also move to tuck up and under your truck or SUV when you open your door. They also drop down when it's time to come back out again. (Please see each individual product line for more details.)Lighted Running Board

Get the sturdy stepping surface you require with solid extruded aluminum or heavy duty molded ABS running boards. Lighted products from RealTruck come with manufacturer’s warranties as well as being backed by our awesome customer service.

Choose from a variety of products that include deck light options, mounted lights, running lights, turn signal lights and simple LED landing lights. Read our product descriptions for more information on what is included with your lighted running board order.

Brighten Up Your Style
Safety was the first thought behind the invention of the lighted step board. Giving you a safe and secure area to place your foot, a non-slip stepping board that was wide and lighted to help you hoist yourself into your cab.

But there’s not a single reason in the world why your pickup truck, crossover or sport utility vehicle can’t look like it’s from the future when you make an upgrade like this. RealTruck offers black finish (or the option to paint your new pair of lighted running boards to match your truck) to match the trim on your vehicle. It looks slick and when you turn on the lights, people sometimes gasp. It’s been known to happen.

Let Us Shine Some Light on the Subject
We’ll be the first to admit that lighted running boards can be a little confusing. What about power? How hard is installation? Can I do this myself? If you are having trouble finding these answer on our website, give us a call at 877-216-5446, we’re happy to chill for a bit with you and talk shop.

Don't forget to check out our Electric Running Boards. They may be what you're looking for if you aren't necessary looking for lighted boards, but still want some power running board functionality.