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Ionic Factory Style Running Boards
Ionic Factory Style Running Boards
From:  $285.13  $356.41
Ionic Chrome Railway Running Boards
Ionic Chrome Railway Running Boards
Only:  $319.99  $457.13
Ionic Black Railway Running Boards
Only:  $319.99  $457.13
Westin Molded Running Boards
Westin Molded Black Running Boards
From:  $360.65  
Lund Molded Running Boards
Lund Molded Running Boards
From:  $304.99  

Molded ABS Running Boards

Get a completely new and unique look with Molded ABS Running Boards from We carry UV resistant, heavy duty running boards made from rugged ABS plastic. They’re ready to be custom fit to the year, make and model of your vehicle.
Why custom fit? So you can get that OE look and still install it by yourself. RealTruck gives you added savings by shipping our Molded ABS Step Boards to you absolutely free!

Features and Benefits
Safely entering and exiting the cab of your pickup or sport utility vehicle is exactly why running boards were invented. The added benefit of them looking awesome is like cinnamon sprinkles on your French toast. It’s unexpected and pretty sweet! Molded ABS running boards not only look sleek and stylish, they provide a firm, non-slip gripping surface for you to step when getting in and out of your vehicle. The large stepping base of side boards in general ensure that you’ll have a safe entry or exit. Molded ABS Running Boards on a Tacoma

Molded ABS is a unique product that provides a lot of features. You can get a completely different upgrade look while still maintaining an original equipment style. Manufacturers like Westin, Bak, and Lund use heavy duty aluminum frames and mold the rugged black plastic around it. Giving the running board unique grooves and gripping areas for safe stepping. It’s also paramount for custom design and molding curves in the overall construction.

At first glance, one might thing that molded abs running boards may be brittle or suffer long term from fading, but all our side step boards are UV light protected and tested for longevity. RealTruck only carries products warrantied by the manufacturer and backed by industry standard customer service!

Molded Black is the new Black!!
Getting the right look for you SUV, CUV or truck is easy when you have a little selection. We not only carry molded ABS running boards, but we have boards with lighted options if you want to shine a little more light on the subject. *wink wink* The sleek and rugged black look wonderfully accents any vehicle that has gone through major upgrades or those who are just starting out.

And when you’re getting ready to enhance your style, keep in mind that you can do it on your own. When we say custom fit, we mean it! Our running boards are made specifically to fit the year, make and model of your vehicle so you won’t be fumbling with drilling and searching for the right brackets to mount your new pair of step boards.

Customer Service Q & A
Stuck on a question? Want to talk to a REALTruck person? Call us at 877-216-5446 and let’s have a cuppa’ over the phone. We’re in the business of knowing everything about running boards so you can feel confident taking advice from us.

On a side note, be ready for us to ask you question in return. For example: What is your favorite TV show? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? How much wood does a woodchuck… You get the point. We’ve filled our heads with so much molded ABS running board knowledge that other important facts may have spilled out.