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Rampage Running Boards

There’s an old saying here at RealTruck that goes: A truck just ain’t a truck without Rampage Running Boards. Now, the saying may not be that terribly old, but after we first laid eyes on the Rampage brand of side step boards we knew it would soon become part of our vernacular. We add our amazing customer service and free shipping to each and every pair of Rampage running boards we sell.
Rampage brings it big when they offer running boards in extruded aluminum, stainless steel and regular steel varieties. They give you these options because they know you want the ability to choose. Yet they stick with materials that are proven to be industry standards when it comes to making a long lasting, durable running board.

Getting the best in a wide stepping area for getting in and out of your cab can mean long nights clicking, double clicking and reading page after page of product information on your computer. The Internet is great at providing you with tons of information, but are you really getting what you need when it comes to finding out about your new running boards? Rampage running boards are chock full of information about available finishes (black, polished, silver and even paintable), materials, custom sizing and more.Rampage Running Board

Not only are you getting the best when it comes upgrading your Jeep or truck, you’re getting a solid stepping area to safely enter and exit your vehicle. We know some of you hot rodders (yes, that’s a word we use around here) are solely thinking about how your new pair of Rampage boards are going to look after you install them, but they are also very functional.

Please note, you may need to order your brackets separately for installation, please speak with a customer representative for any questions regarding installation.

Make Friends While Looking Great
Did you know Rampage running boards are conversation starters? In fact, all of our Rampage products are, but the step boards are in particular due to the fact they actually change the look of your vehicle so drastically while upgrading functionally.

Case study: Frank (Not his real name. His real name is Francis, but he goes by Frank to sound more masculine.) Ahem, Frank owns a Jeep Wrangler and he decides to upgrade to some Rampage running boards. He does this and drives down to the local Sonic for a burger and fries. He even springs for a shake because he digs the strawberry kind. Many people notice the change in Frank’s vehicle and ask him about the upgrade. He tells them all about it and about how he did the installation himself. Folks decide to head over to to get their own running boards as well, yet ask Frank for advice on what to purchase.

This pleases Frank because everyone used to make fun of him before for driving his wife’s pink Jeep Wrangler. Oh, did we forget to mention it was pink? Well, it was pink. The Rampage running boards really ‘botched’ it up a bit and Frank regained a bit a dignity out of the deal.

Frank’s story is a happy one because in the end he decided to get a new paint job. We’re not entirely sure what shade or color ‘coral’ is, but we’re sure it’s pretty awesome!

Give us a Ring!
We’re not asking for a marriage proposal! We’re saying give us a call at 877-216-5446 if you’re lonely or would like to talk about Rampage products. It can be daunting when you’re getting ready to order something as expensive (or inexpensive on our website) as running boards, so having a little help never hurt anyone!