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K2 Snow Plows

K2 Snow Plows, Parts, and Accessories

Vehicle owners in cold weather climates need the right accessories to conquer ice and snow. Move snow from the front or rear with K2 snow plows.  From fresh powder to slush, these snow plows remove all kinds of winter precipitation. Read More

12 Products

12 Products


K2 plows are known for their ease of use, control and ease of storage. That’s because they stand up to K2’s motto of, “Simple to Operate, Simple to Control Snow, Simple to Store.” K2 snow plows are simple to operate because of their wireless controls, which move the plow up or down. For simple control, these snow plows can be adjusted to three different locking positions to best suit the terrain. Additionally, storage is made easy with attaching and detaching caster wheels that can drop and slide in seconds. This way storing and loading up the plow is quick and practically hassle-free.


K2 Snow Plows make no sacrifices when manufacturing their patented two-piece plow systems. That means they’re rugged enough to handle moving everything that often comes with pushing snow. That means even rocks and debris that fly up from roads and driveways aren’t intimidating to this snow plow. All models come with mounting brackets, electric components and other plow accessories you might need to dominate the harshest of winter storms.


All elements of K2 plows are designed with the customer in mind. With rust-resistant snow deflectors, skid shoes, and blade markers, all plows can take a hefty amount of abuse and can last for years. All that’s needed to get started is some basic hand tools and a class III two inch receiver hitch. Plus, all models are backed by a five year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

For snow plows that are easy to use, control and store, try K2 snow plows. As a company, we put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that the shopping experience is as easy and enjoyable as possible. For any questions about your new K2 snow plow, give us a call at 877-216-5446. We love talking to our customers and our team of customer loyalty specialists is one of the best around.