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SnowSport Push Frame for Plow 40672

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Our Price: $369.99
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Part #:40672
Application: Complete Push Frame Assembly Only
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Non-returnable product

  • Optional Parts: SnowSport plows have parts & accessories such as the optional angling interceptor to convert a straight snowsport plow into an angling model
  • Replacement Parts: Such as blade markers, lift handles, rubber box ends, rubber cutting edge, and the slide hinge are also available
  • Receiver Hitch Adapaters: to allow the ATV plow to attached to a 2" hitch.
  • Made in the USA - Jamestown, ND


If you own a SnowSport plow, then you know this is a company that knows how to make high quality snow removal products. To get the most out of your plow investment, we stock a full range of SnowSport Snow Plow Parts & Optional Accessories. No matter what you need, you're sure to find it here.

Our selection of SnowSport Snow Plow Parts & Optional Accessories includes everything you need to get your plow working up to its fullest capacity. If you need a push frame or angling interceptor to complete a comprehensive snow plow kit, you can find those here. If you're in need of a plow receiver adapter to mount your 1.5" ATV plow to fit a 2" interceptor, we have you covered there as well.

Your options for SnowSport Snow Plow Parts & Optional Accessories aren't limited there, however. We also have replacement lift handles and box ends, as well as replacement blades and cutting edges. Even if you need something as simple as hold down straps or blade markers, we can fix you up there as well.

Manufactured in's very own hometown of Jamestown, North Dakota by Agri-Cover, we that SnowSport Snow Plow Parts & Optional Accessories are constructed to the most demanding of specifications and will hold up no matter what the cold weather season tries to throw at you. Everything here ships free from as well! If you have any additional questions about which accessories you need, please call us at 877-216-5446.

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 If you have any additional questions please call Monday to Saturday 1-877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906 


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SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow Installation and Product Demo
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Part #: AG-40672 Posted on
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(Potterville, MI)
Price / Value
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I purchased the Push Frame Assembly to replace the frame from my original order in 2002. The design seems to be much better, though I received no instructions with the replacement, which was disappointing considering the significan changes made. However, I feel this frame may hold up better than the original.