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Stampede RuffRiderz Fender Flares 8422-2

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Part #:8422-2
Type:4 Piece Set
Style:Satin Black
Applications: 2009-2014 Ford F150
2010-2014 Ford Raptor
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  • Aggressive, bolt-on look
  • Adds up to 2.5" of tire coverage
  • Adds protection & enhances looks
  • Durable Tri-Blend ABS construction
  • Sold in a complete set for front & rear
  • Choose from a paintable or matte textured black finish
  • Made in the USA - Lawrenceville, GA


If you want to make your truck look beefier and more rugged, then you probably want to add a lift kit and bigger tires. Once you have bigger tires, you're going to have problems with things like mud spatter & rock chips. You might even get into trouble with the cops, depending on your state & local laws. You can avoid these and any other problems with a set of Stampede RuffRidrz fender flares.

These are not your typical cheap plastic add-ons. Stampede fender flares are made out of heavy duty ABS and custom molded to each vehicle for the best fit. Each set of fender flares also has a rubber gasket that seals any gap between your fender flares and your truck. This prevents any water leakage or paint damage from occurring.

The bolt-on appearance of the RuffRidrz fender flares gives your truck that beefy, off-road look. They also have a finish that allows you to custom paint the fender flares to match your truck or you can go with a matte black textured finish. In addition these flares give you an additional 2 inches of coverage. You are now able to dress your truck with the biggest tires you can find without much hassle.

Protect your truck and give it a rugged, manlier appearance with a set of Stampede RuffRidrz fender flares!

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Stampede RuffRidrz Fender Flares can be installed easily at home. The installation instructions are clear cut and easy to follow. For additional information see the install manual below or call us at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.

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How to Install the Stampede Ruffridrz Fender Flares

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Stampede is offering a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on the RuffRidrz fender flares.


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Stampede RuffRidrz Fender Flares Product Features Video
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How to Install the Stampede Ruffridrz Fender Flares

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2014 F-150 - Changed the looks for the better.
Part #: SMP-8422-2 Posted on
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- 2014 Ford F150 (Emmett, MI)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
They fit my truck perfectly. I installed them over a two day period, but could easily be done in an afternoon (I did mine on the coldest day(s) of Winter.

I'm extremely happy with the result and the price made it well worth it. Mine arrived in great condition with no surface scratches or damage. Packaging was OK.

Don't be intimidated by the installation - it's far easier than you would imagine. I'm fairly handy with things, but the idea of bolting something to my "new" truck gave me pause. But there was no drilling or any alterations needed. I could remove them and you'd never know they were there.

Take your time with the rear wheel well bracket placement. If you get the placement right, the rear flares can be installed in about twenty minutes. If you don't get the placement right, meaning the holes don't line-up, don't worry as the brackets can be repositioned very easily.

The front brackets can only go on one way so you'd have to try really hard to screw that up.

You don't have to remove the wheels/tires. Bring plenty of light to the work space. A flex coupling on your ratchet when installing the front fender brackets is helpful or just use a wrench for final tightening.

The rear flare brackets consist of two pieces - make sure you assemble them properly. The directions are very clear on this.

The rubber protective molding is easy to install. Make sure the adhesive side is placed to the inside or underside of the flare.

Sorry for rambling, but I hope this helps someone.