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Superwinch Winch 2 Go

Product Information
List Price:
$393.89 - $466.61
Our Price:
$299.99 - $349.99
Product Options
Select Type of Cable
  • w/ Synthetic Rope
    Ships Jan 26th - 30th
  • w/ Wire Rope
    Ships Jan 26th - 30th


  • Portable winch system with the option of being mounted
  • Comes in a rugged carrying case that protects the winch from the elements
  • Includes 3 shackles, 2 straps, a pulley block, handheld remote, 10’ battery leads with alligator clips, and a pair of SuperWinch leather gloves
  • 1.4 hp motor
  • Powerful 4000lb pulling capacity
  • The pulley block allows the winch to pull up to 8000 lbs


Superwinch gives you the opportunity to go where you haven't gone before. Don't bother with mounting a permanent winch to your vehicle. Choose the Winch2Go to get you and your friends out of any difficult situation.

The Winch2Go is a quick and easy portable winch system that can be used anywhere. It comes in a rugged carrying case that can be used on the fly or mounted anywhere on your vehicle or ATV. The tool box style carrying case houses the winch and its multiple items that will help you get out of any sticky situation. The Winch2Go comes complete with shackles, straps, a pulley block, handheld remote, 10' battery leads with alligator clips that allow for an easy battery connection, and a pair of Superwinch leather gloves. The Winch2Go can pull up to 4000 lbs and up to 8000 lbs when using the pulley block.

Throw the Superwinch Winch2Go in your vehicle for any adventure and don't be the one stuck in the mud.

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The Winch2Go by Superwinch offers simply instructions to set up and use portably with the option of mounting it onto your vehicle. For additional information please call us at 877-216-5446

Limited warranty

Superwinch offers a limited two year warranty on the Winch2Go.