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Dee Zee Diamond Plate Tailgate Cap
Dee Zee Diamond Plate Tailgate Cap
Only:  $59.95  

Dee Zee Tailgate Caps

The last thing anyone wants is to have their tailgate dinged, dented, or scratched when loading up gear or taking things out of their cargo area. That’s exactly what Dee Zee tailgate caps were made to prevent, and they do a phenomenal job of keeping your tailgate in top condition. We know how important it is to keep your truck’s cargo area protected, and that’s we won’t waste any time getting your accessories shipped out completely free of charge within the continental United States.
We want to make shopping for truck accessories as fun and easy as possible, so let us take care of the shipping charges while you enjoy your purchases.

Features And Benefits
These Dee Zee tailgate caps are made to keep your tailgate in as good of shape as the day you first bought your truck. They need to be built tough from quality materials so you can work with your truck without having to worry about leaving dents or blemishes around your cargo area. Thanks to their heavy duty construction, this is one affordable accessory upgrade you can make that delivers these benefits and more, giving you added peace of mind.

Dee Zee tailgate caps come in your choice of aluminum, stainless steel, and ABS plastic models. All are made to highest quality standards in the heart of the Midwest in Des Moines, Iowa using good, old fashioned American manufacturing. We think that’s awesome and supporting American workers and industry is definitely something we can get behind. They are also easy to install on your own, with some models requiring some amount of drilling, and the ABS options using extremely strong double sided 3M tape.

If you're looking for more accessories to add to your pickup truck box, then you're in luck, because we've got an entire section dedicated to exactly what you're looking for. Check out all our truck bed accessories to find awesome stuff like cargo bars, truck bed extenders, and replacement tailgates!

Enhanced Style
Not only do you want your truck to work great, but you want it to look great too. Not just great even, but more like something that came down to earth from truck heaven that makes all other trucks look like lesser vehicles by comparison. We totally understand, and so do the folks at Dee Zee. That probably explains why Dee Zee tailgate caps look like they were hand chiseled off a block of raw awesomeness by the hand of Zeus himself. And by that, we mean the company does some really good work and puts visible effort into making sure their products are as stylish as they are functional.

These accessories are corrosion resistant to ensure they stay looking good. Whether you’ve got your eye on a diamond plated aluminum option, or you’re sucked in by the black sheen of molded ABS, or you prefer the shine of stainless steel, all will add some sick bling to your ride. We have to warn you though that if you don’t want to have a legion of gawkers following you around everywhere telling you how rad your truck looks, this may not be the upgrade for you. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen.

Unbeatable Customer Service
We like to have fun at work here at, but we take our customer service seriously. You’re here to make some important purchases to improve your truck, and we want you to be able to shop confidently knowing you can always get the help you need if you have questions or run into problems. If you need to get in touch with us, our toll-free phone number is 877-216-5446, shoot us an e-mail, hop on our online chat system (it’s in the upper right hand corner of the site), and we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.

Our Customer Loyalty Representatives and Product Specialists are as smart as they are friendly, and there’s no questions they can’t answer or problems they can’t solve. In fact, we’ve once seen them beat the world’s smartest chess playing computer while doing handstands on unicycles and putting out a garbage can fire, all the while they were answering calls like it was nothing. We’re from North Dakota, and up here, that’s the way we handle multitasking.

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