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TechCare Carnauba Wax 8LTC12K

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1 - 18oz Bottle
Carnauba Gel Wax


  • Contains natural Carnauba wax
  • No harsh abrasives
  • Protects against UVA & B damage
  • Removes minor blemishes
  • Safe for virtually any painted surface
  • Made in the USA

When it comes to keeping your car or truck in showroom conditioner, there is no better way than giving it a good coat of wax. Unfortunately that usually takes a lot of time and effort onyour part. TechCare car wax & clay bar cleaners reduce the amount of time this normally tedious task takes without compromising the quality of the finish.

TechCare developed their wax prep and waxes for use by anyone. From professional detailers right down to the weekend do-it-yourselfers. The unique gel formulas make applying and using the clay wax prep or the Carnauba wax simple and easy.

The TechCare clay gel is a safer alternative to traditional clay bars. You'll have no problem getting all the impurities and minor scratches embedded in your paint before you apply the wax to it, without any harsh abrasives. This clay gel also helps prevent future scratches and leaves a durable, smooth finish that is a perfect base for waxing.

Finishing off the look of your baby is made easier, thanks to the folks who created TechCare Carnauba gel wax. This gel contains all natural Carnauba wax and provides protection and a glossy finish to virtually any painted, chrome, or fiberglass surface. You'll be amazed at the professional looking finish you'll get!

When all is said and done, your car or tuck will be protected from UV damage and have a shine that will blind the naked eye! Give your car or truck the treatment it deserves and use TechCare car wax & clay gel cleaners the next time you do some weekend detailing.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

WeatherTech offers a satisfaction guarantee on their TechCare products. Simply return the unused portion and you'll be refunded the original purchase price.


Directions for Use:

Wax Prep Clay Gel:

Doing small sections as a time, use a clean microfiber cloth and moisten with the clay gel and apply to the surface in an even, circular motion. Wipe any excess gel away with another clean microfiber cloth.


Carnauba Gel Wax:

Using a microfiber towel, dampen with the wax and apply to surface in an even, circular motion. Hand buff to a high gloss finish. For best results, use the microfiber towel to apply and buff.

For additional information, please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.