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Titan Mid-Ship Fuel Tank
Titan Mid-Ship Fuel Tank
From:  $1,233.10  
Titan SideKick Tank
Titan SideKick Tank
Only:  $426.55  

Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan makes the most durable and rugged fuel tanks in the world. If you travel or haul a payload, or both, in your diesel you know that the factory equipped fuel tank severely limits your operating range. Not anymore! With Titan fuel tanks you can carry up to 100% more fuel and travel twice as far.
Titan makes all of their fuel tanks from military-grade cross linked high density polyethylene in a one-piece molded design to U.S. Department of Defense combat vehicle specifications. My guess is that you are not driving a Humvee into battle, so why does that apply to you? Basically, these tanks are over-built to make sure they can handle anything that you throw at it, which means never getting stranded due to equipment failures. Also, due to this indestructible build method, Titan fuel tanks do not delaminate, they do not rust, they do not get corroded by biodiesel, there are no welds to crack apart, and they are lighter and quieter than metal tanks. Titan fuel tanks outperform OEM and metal aftermarket tanks in every feasible way, they made sure of it. So rest assured with the most durable tank in the industry, backed with a lifetime warranty.

Manufactured by Titan Fuel Tanks.