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> Benefits of Installing a Tonneau Cover

Benefits of Installing a Tonneau Cover

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One of the most popular aftermarket accessories for a pickup truck is the tonneau cover. If you’re a truck owner, you’ve probably considered installing one of these items on your bed. The benefits of having your truck bed covered are numerous. Below, we’ll explain just a few reasons why your truck needs a tonneau cover.

Weather Protection

Image of Ionic SE roll-up cover
Keep the contents of your bed dry with a tonneau cover
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of owning a tonneau cover is weather protection. Whether it’s rain, snow, or hail, putting a tonneau cover on your truck bed keeps your cargo dry and out of the elements. Without a cover, delicate cargo must be kept inside the cab, reducing passenger space. Covering your truck bed takes your cargo-hauling options to a whole new level.


Image of a Gatortrax retractable cover
Tonneau covers keep your cargo secure
An uncovered bed leaves any valuables stored there visible and exposed to potential thieves. With a tonneau cover installed, your items are kept out of sight and away from sticky fingers. In fact, with a hard tonneau cover installed and your tailgate locked, valuables in your bed will be more secure than those in your truck cab. If you need to carry valuable items in the bed of your truck, you need a tonneau cover.

Added Functionality

Image of a BAKFlip CS
BAK's CS folding cover features uprights for increased cargo capacity
For trucks that need to carry ladders, bikes, kayaks, and other large items, tonneau covers that are equipped with a rack system such as the BAKFlip CS open up a new dimension of cargo-carrying options. These racks can easily accommodate items that are otherwise awkward and difficult to carry, while freeing up your bed for other items.

Custom Look

Image of an Undercover Elite LX tonneau cover
A painted tonneau cover gives your truck the ultimate custom look
While the practical benefits of owning a tonneau cover are numerous, the aesthetic appeal of a covered bed shouldn’t be ignored. Installing any kind of tonneau cover will give your truck a finished look. If creating a custom look for your truck, however, the best type of cover is a painted tonneau that will match the color of your truck.

Increased Versatility

Image of an Undercover Ridgelander tonneau cover
The right cover can completely transform your truck
With a cover such as Undercover’s Ridgelander installed, your truck can transform into a mobile platform for any number of outdoor ventures. The multiple mounting options afforded by this style of cover also allow you to keep your trailer hitch-free to haul larger items such as trailers and boats. The benefit of this increase in carrying capacity is especially noticeable on trucks equipped with short beds.

If you have questions about tonneau covers, check out our guide to determine which tonneau cover is right for you or contact our team of experts today. They’re standing by to help you choose the right cover for your truck.