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Dodge Ram 1500
Tonneau Covers


Tonneau Covers

Browse over 65 styles of Dodge Ram tonneau covers.  Featuring soft and hard tonneau's in a variety of styles including folding, roll-up, retracting and more.  We have Dodge ram 1500 truck bed covers for virtually any need.  Whether your are taking a trip across the country or just driving around town.   Plus we offer free shipping on all tonneau covers for Dodge ram pickups.

After you pulled the trigger on getting your Dodge Ram 1500, what was the first thought that came to mind? Come on, we know you know! Of course it was Dodge accessories and how you were going to come to to get them. Wow, isn’t that lucky? Because all of us at would love to assist you in that process, simply give our Customer Service a call…They are available 7 days a week. And remember, when buying from us you receive very affordable prices as well as FREE SHIPPING!

Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau covers are a great enhancement to your truck.  They come in an array of design and design options, giving you the best fit for your truck as well as your lifestyle.  And like your Dodge Ram, these truck bed covers are built as tough as a Ram…Made for guys who use their truck like a truck!

Added Protection/Security
The Dodge Ram 1500 was designed to haul heavy loads from one place to the next…That was its main purpose.  They generally had 2 seats with a large cargo box or truck bed for hauling goods…As the years go by, these trucks are beginning to have a larger purpose…Sure their main feature is the truck bed, but now they have many added bonuses including ride quality and the crew cab.  Yup, you guessed it!  Dodge trucks today are one lean mean grocery getting machine or in other words, the perfect family vehicle.

Ever been on family vacation with your truck and had an unprotected truck bed?  If so, you probably know how disastrous that can be.  You take the chance of running into a rain storm…Then what!?  Showing up to your destination with a truck bed full of wet cargo…Hmmm, not a good way to start off a vacation!  And just think you almost pulled the trigger on that tonneau cover that was on sale at

You can avoid all that embarrassment with a nice new Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover.  These bad boys are designed to stop rain, snow and sleet from entering your truck bed, keeping cargo, luggage and tools high and dry and out of harm’s way.

Not to mention, a tonneau cover is a great deterrent from those pesky thieves trying to snake their way into your truck bed.  This is especially true in larger cities where truck beds are a highly sought after target for thieves and unwanted visitors alike.

There are many benefits of owning a Dodge Ram 1500 bed cover including ease of use, sleek fit and finish, all weather design and amazing security.  They are available with Velcro, snaps or seal & peel design options.  All of which present their own specific benefits, but as a whole help to keep moisture and other debris out of your truck bed and off of your luggage, tools and cargo.

Customers Corner
Our Dodge Ram 1500 tonneau cover customers are all overly satisfied with their purchase from RealTruck.  Whether talking about our most popular tonneau covers including the BakFlip G2 or the TonnoPro bed covers, the consensus is, we provide highly durable products at a price that everyone can afford.  But don’t take our word for it, check out a few of our Customer Reviews.

There it is ladies and gents, a little more proof as to why you should purchase a truck bed cover for that Ram 1500 of yours from  And if you need more evidence…check out how simply applying one of these bed covers will drastically improve fuel economy.

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