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Ford Ranger Tonneau Covers

Want to keep everything in your truck bed from getting wet, getting dirty or worse yet – being stolen?  A Ford Ranger Bed Cover was made just for that purpose.  In addition to looking like you just rolled out of a showroom, Ranger Bed Covers are made specifically to keep the cargo you transport safe from the elements and safe from nefarious burglars.  With wonderful safety features like locks, wireless remotes and weather tight seals, you can bet that any investment you make in a Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover is going to be worth it.

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TruXport Tonneau Cover
TruXport Tonneau Cover


From  $289.00
Snap Down Tonneau Cover
Snap Down Tonneau Cover


Only  $229.99
XR Tonneau Cover
XR Tonneau Cover


From  $247.99
Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover


Only  $249.00
Bizon Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
Bizon Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover


Only  $259.99
JackRabbit Tonneau Cover
JackRabbit Tonneau Cover


From  $1,080.38
Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover
BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover


From  $739.88
Access LiteRider Tonneau Cover


From  $313.19
Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
Access Vanish Tonneau Cover


From  $327.24
Rugged Cover Hard Fold Tonneau Cover
Rugged Hard Fold Tonneau Cover


Only  $754.00
BakFlip VP Tonneau Cover
BAKFlip VP Tonneau Cover


From  $719.88
Extang BlackMax Tonneau Cover
Extang BlackMax Tonneau Cover


From  $269.00
Truxedo Deuce 2 Tonneau Cover
TruXedo Deuce 2 Tonneau Cover


From  $539.00
Lund Hard Fold Tonneau Cover
Lund Hard Fold Tonneau Cover


Only  $579.00

89 Products
1 2 3

Check it out, RealTruck carries over a dozen different brands and offers over 60 different styles to choose from.  When it comes to selection, you really don’t need to look any further.  Let’s look at some of the most popular Ranger Bed Cover styles we offer:

Hard Cover – Hard Cover Tonneaus are made specifically with rugged use in mind.  They can be ordered in retracting, folding, hinged, rack options and toolbox styles.  Why so many different variations?  Because they’re extremely versatile and easy to use! While many people associate hard cover tonneaus with fiberglass lid designs, which are fully customizable and paintable, a lot of hard truck bed covers for Ford Rangers come in these other options as well.  RealTruck offers over 20 different styles for the Ranger.

Hard Tonneaus are made from aluminum, fiberglass or heavy duty ABS plastic.  Each type is lab and field tested to ensure longevity when it’s installed on your truck!

Soft Cover – By far the most popular type of truck bed cover on our website because of the affordability, the soft tonneau cover offers protection and security without emptying your wallet.  While the Roll Up Cover is the most popular, many folks often opt for folding, hinged, toolbox, rack option and tri-fold soft truck bed covers for their Ford Rangers.  With over 40 different styles available to ship immediately, we’re pretty confident you’ll find something that suites your needs.

Soft Cover Bed Covers are made from vinyl or canvas.  Installation on all tonneaus is normally a simple no-drill clamp install.  That means you can do installation on your Ranger by yourself with most of our models. 

RealTruck carries other Ford Tonneau Covers as well as Ford Truck Accessories.  Make sure you check there as well while shopping.  Remember… EVERYTHIG ships for FREE*!

Check out what our customers are saying about their Ford Ranger Bed Covers:

James D. - Staten Island, NY (Bought the BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover )
Product came when they said it would and I installed it the next day in about 20 minutes. It was exactly as stated in its description and I'm very pleased with it. Would definitely order with RealTruck again, not just because they had the best price but also because they were very helpful when I placed my order.

Kenneth H. - Cold Spring (Bought the Lund Genesis Roll Up Tonneau Cover )
Very nice product...I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to purchase one.