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Painted Tonneau Covers

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Undercover LUX SE Tonneau Cover
UnderCover LUX SE Tonneau Cover
From:  $835.23  
Ranch Legacy Tonneau Cover
Ranch Legacy Tonneau Cover
Only:  $1,231.25  
Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover
Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover
Only:  $1,201.50  

Painted Tonneau Covers

You want more than just an ordinary tonneau cover; you want one that’s painted to match to your truck’s finish. Your search ends here with our painted tonneau covers. Constructed from lightweight yet high strength fiberglass, our painted tonneau covers give you the style you want without sacrificing an ounce of quality or functionality.
There are an extensive number of different color options available so you can get just the look you want, and the painted finishes are also coated to prevent chipping and fading to ensure your tonneau cover will stay looking good for years. They offer a one-piece hinged design that easily flips up to let you get to your cargo with minimal effort, and they do an exceptional job of locking out moisture as well.

If you want to do a little more research, check out our tonneau research guide area that has a number of articles about tonneau covers.

If you need assistance, we welcome your questions. Call us on the phone at 877-216-5446 and our Customer Loyalty Representatives will take care of your concerns promptly and courteously.

Here's what other customers like yourself had to say:

**All reviews shown are for the Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover**
Kevin B.
- Delray Beach, FL (happy Ranch Sportwrap Tonneau Cover purchase)
“I am happy with the price, fit and color match.. The paint which was Mango Tango Pearl which matched perfect.. It was easy to install as my friend and I spent longer unpacking it than it took to install it on my truck...
I would recommend the Ranch cover to anyone.”

Dwight W. - Falls Church, VA (happy Ranch Fiberglass Tonneau Cover purchase)
“The color-matching tonneau covermet all expectations. The installation instructions were not complicated. The underneath of the cover does have exposed fiberglass splinters so protect gloves are suggested when placing the cover on the truck. Centering the cover requires patients to get it correct and prevent paint damage to the bed at each side of hinge point. The instruction to apply masking tape to protect the bed paint should be followed.”

Patrick T. - Melbourne, FL (happy Ranch Sportwrap purchase)
“I ordered the Ranch Legacy Tonneau Cover and needed it shipped to me prior to making a road trip with the family in my new Tacoma. The sales rep and mfr collaborated and delivered. The cover arrived within a couple of days after being shipped and was packaged in a very secure & safe box that protected it extremely well to prevent any damages. The cover was a perfect match to my OEM color and installation was very easy. This cover is of solid construction and well built, plus it provided the needed security to protect my valuables. The Legacy cover really put my truck in another class. Thumbs up from a very satisfied customer.”