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Diamond Plate Tool Boxes

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Access Storage Pockets
Access Storage Pockets
From:  $36.99  
Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Boxes
Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Boxes
From:  $233.32  
Brute Crossover Toolbox
Brute Crossover Toolbox
From:  $800.99  
Dee Zee Dog Boxes
Dee Zee Dog Boxes
From:  $348.95  

Diamond Plate Tool Boxes

If you want to keep your tools securely stored and in style, then take a look at our diamond plate tool boxes on RealTruck.com. We can hook you up with the best diamond plate toolboxes around from all the top brands in the business. To make sure that we’re offering the greatest deals around, we also throw in free shipping and phenomenal customer support from one of the best customer service teams around.
We do things right around here.

If you’ve spent a substantial amount of money on your tools (which are not cheap), then you probably don’t want to keep them stowed away in just anything. Our diamond plate tool boxes boast ruggedly durable, corrosion resistant construction to ensure your tools are kept safe and sound. Threats like thieves, bad weather, and rough road conditions will no longer be a worry, because you’ll know for sure that your tools aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be right where you need them, when you need them, without any fuss or headaches.

These tool boxes are built to last and serve you well for years. One of the top features of our diamond plate tool boxes when it comes to security is the fact that they can be locked securely, either using an included key, or your own padlock depending on which model you choose. They’re also made from heavy duty aluminum that’s made strong to ensure they won’t easily dent or rust.

Our diamond plate tool boxes are also made in a variety of styles and sizes so you know you’ll be able to find one that’s well suited to what you’re looking for. Whether you opt for a gull wing, crossover, single lid lift-up, utility chest, or wheel well design, you know you’ll be getting a high quality tool storage accessory to help make your truck, van, or SUV the ultimate work vehicle.

The range of different tool boxes we have available gives you plenty of options when determining how you would prefer to be able to access your tools, and how much storage capacity you need. They also feature the requisite drawers and storage dividers to help you keep your tools in order and organized just how you want. When you’re hard at work, you’ll be able to reach into your truck’s bed and easily access exactly what you need.

Added Style
The diamond plate tool boxes we have in our digital store aisles come in black, white, and Brite Tread finishes. Find one that’s an ideal match for your truck and your own aesthetic sensibilities, and we’re sure you’ll find it adds a whole new dimension to your truck’s looks. People are going to look by and think to themselves, “That man or woman knows what it takes to get hard work done.” They’ll nod approvingly, and you’ll nod back, knowing that you are, in fact, awesome. That ego boost is just one added benefit to owning a sick diamond plate toolbox.

Depending on which diamond plate tool storage box you select, you may need to do a small amount of drilling into your vehicle. Once mounted, all of these boxes will fit securely into your truck, van, or sports utility vehicle like a glove (that is, of course, if gloves were ever made really big and out of ultra tough aluminum). To make sure you get the perfect tool storage solution to fit your needs, be sure to call us up if you have any questions, whether you’re just looking to make a purchase or if you’ve already received your order and there’s something you’re unsure of.

Unbeatable Customer Support
We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but we really believe our customer service department is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. They put an incredible amount of work into what they do, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. They’re also super smart, and their collective knowledge of trucks and truck accessories is mind blowing. Need to get in touch? Give them a call at 877-216-5446! Or, you can send us an e-mail or a live chat message, and we’ll be right on top of it.