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Utility Chest Tool Boxes

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UWS Standard Utility Chest
UWS Standard Utility Chest
From:  $321.27  
Du-Ha Tote
Du-Ha Tote
From:  $341.95  
Highway Products Pickup Pack
Highway Products Pickup Pack
From:  $4,588.95  
UWS Truck Bed Utility Chest
UWS Truck Bed Utility Chest
From:  $371.63  

Utility Chest Tool Boxes

Trucks are bought for work, work requires tools, and tools require utility chest tool boxes from RealTruck. Around here, this is what we like to call the circle of life. Or, maybe it would be more appropriate to call it the circle of work? The point that we’re getting at is our utility tool chests for trucks can help you get more work done with greater ease by providing convenient access to your tools.
We carry all the top brands and we won’t kick you out for browsing.

Utility chest tool boxes feature a deep, rectangular shape that provides plenty of room for everything you need. They make it easy to store your tools, keep them organized, and easily accessible at a moment’s notice so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying where your stuff is at. Since they’re fully lockable, security isn’t a concern either. Not for you, at least. Would-be thieves, on the other hand, will be less stoked about not being able to rob your things.

The selection of utility chest tool boxes we carry includes options in a variety of sizes to fit the majority of trucks. No matter what kind of pickup you drive, it’s highly likely we can find just the right toolbox for you. Next time you roll up in your truck to get to work, you’ll be prepared.

They also feature durable construction from steel, aluminum, or polyethylene. Our steel and aluminum utility chest tool box options are corrosion resistant and made from high strength components to ensure long life. They’re also built strong enough to not easily dent when a tool goes rogue out of your hand when you’re trying to put something away, or if you decide to take a detour off-road and things get shaken up a bit. Our plastic utility chests are also strong as can be, and have the advantage of being completely impervious to rust.

Some models feature removable plastic storage trays to better keep smaller objects organized, so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the box amongst larger tools. Gas shocks enable buttery smooth opening and closing, and multiple finish options ensure you’ll be able to find one that matches the looks of your truck. If you have a tonneau cover on your truck bed, never fear, because most can be used in conjunction with these tool storage chests as well.

To further expand the carrying, hauling, and towing potential of your truck, you may also want to shop our racks and carriers and hitch carriers.

Enhanced Style
Thanks to the variety of finish options you have to choose from, you can easily pick out a utility chest tool box that will match the look and style you’re shooting for. We carry models in black, white, and long lasting Brite Tread finishes, all of which look fantastic.

Many of these tool storage boxes are also fully portable, meaning they can be placed in your truck’s bed and taken out relatively easily (once full of tools, they tend to be heavy). For a more secure installation, they may also be bolted down into your truck’s bed. It’s totally up to you what you want to do! If you opt for bolt your box down, you’ll just need to do some minor drilling.

Why Shop RealTruck.com?
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