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BAK Truck Bed Caps and Rails

BAK Truck Bed Caps and Rails

Don’t tell anyone else we noticed, but your truck’s bed rails are looking a little naked. Show some decency and cover them up with these super rad BAK truck bed caps and rails. They provide an exceptional level of protection for the tops of your bed rails from getting scratched or dented, and they also provide an appealing accent to your pickup’s aesthetic style. Read More

2 Products

2 Products
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Company History
BAK Industries has long established itself as a trusted name in the aftermarket accessory industry. Known primarily for their BAK Flip tonneau covers, the products they build are made to be strong, long lasting, and visually appealing. All of the accessories they make are designed to perfectly complement one another, making them a go-to company to shop with not only for bed rail caps, but also truck bed covers, running boards, racks, and truck bed tie downs.

Features And Benefits
It’s a common occurrence. You’re lifting something heavy out of your truck’s bed, like a fridge or piece of work equipment, and you accidentally drop it and bash it against your bed rails. Afterward, you’re left with a permanent reminder of this mishap in the form of a dent on the top edge of your cargo bed.

With BAK truck bed caps and rails, however, there’s no need to live with the annoyance of having a dented truck bed. Whether you’re looking to cover up the aftermath of a previous blunder, or you’re looking to keep your truck in top condition, then this is the ideal accessory upgrade for you. They do a fantastic job of hiding existing blemishes, preventing new ones, and helping to preserve the value of your vehicle in the process.

Truck Bed Caps And Rails From Bak IndustriesConstructed from heavy duty ABS, truck bed caps and rails from BAK are assured to be tough enough to take some smacking around without any problems. They’re also UV protected, so they won’t warp while your truck is out baking in the summer sun. They’re also easy to mount onto your vehicle, requiring absolutely no drilling. In fact, BAK actually includes a greater amount of automotive grade 3M adhesive tape with these than other manufacturers, ensuring completely secure installation.

BAK truck bed caps and rails are also custom fit for most pickups on the market, so no matter what kind of truck you drive, they can most likely hook you up with the truck bed accessories that you need. If you’d like for your bed caps or rails to match the finish of your truck, they’re also made to be paintable. Is there any way they could get any better? Only if they came with $100 bills tied to them.

Awesome Style
Let’s talk about style. When you mount a pair of BAK truck bed caps or rails on your truck, you know your pickup is going to look incredible. It’s like giving your truck an instant shot of extra swagger and attitude. Even if style isn’t the primary reason you’re looking to make an upgrade for your truck, you never want to add anything to your vehicle if it’s going to be a detriment to its looks. We’re sure you’ll get no end of compliments reminding you how cool your truck looks though, and that’s not something anyone would ever get tired of.

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Wonder what exactly makes these accessories different than the competition? Check out how their made in the video below!