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Access Truck Bed Lights & Cargo Lights

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Access Truck Bed LED Light Strip
Access Truck Bed LED Light Strip
From:  $33.99  

Access Truck Bed Lights & Cargo Lights

Sometimes truck beds need a little illuminating with the help of Access truck bed cargo lights. Get yours to help see underneath dark tonneau covers or to help see cargo at night. All Access cargo lights are waterproof and will light your way for many nights to come.
Have you ever opened your tailgate to grab some gear only to find a deep, dark cave? Well then I’ve got great news for you. The Access truck bed lights and cargo lights are designed to help you easily see into your truck bed. It seems silly to have lights in a truck bed when you only use it in the day time. But, actually, these LED lights can really come in handy if you have a tonneau cover, bed cap, or other enclosure for your truck bed. Our customers appreciate the simplicity and practicality of Access cargo lights. And, so do we! By offering both motion-activated and built-in on/off switch LED strips, you get to choose your style. They also can be powered by either AA batteries or a 12-volt energy source. These LED truck bed lights are constructed of heavy-duty materials and last a long time thanks to the LEDs. This way you can easily spot just what you’re looking for in your truck bed.
Don’t fret about a long and complicated installation process! Not only do these LED lights and LED cargo lights look great, they are super easy to install. Any average Joe can install truck bed cargo lights. Really. Even your neighbor’s six year old could do it. Just peel off the backing and use a firm touch to stick the 3M adhesive backing to the desired location of your light and attach wires if necessary. There’s no drilling, no bolting, and certainly no complaining. So choose yours today and get up to a one year warranty.
At RealTruck, we set our quality standards high and that’s why we offer you top quality products, low prices, outstanding customer service, and free shipping.