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Hauler Racks Truck Racks

Hauler Rack Truck Racks

Increase how much your truck can haul with Hauler Rack truck racks. These racks are pretty cool with their aluminum, bolt together construction, which makes it a trifle to install compared to some other brands out there. Hauler truck racks come in many styles, are made in the USA, and come with free shipping. Read More

8 Products

8 Products

Truck racks are tricky. You want them to sit above your truck and hold a ton of weight. At the same time, they should be lightweight, easy to install, and not have a chance of scratching your rig’s finish. Yep, that is a trick. But, it’s one that the good people at Hauler Rack seem to have figured out. So, take a look! These can hold up to 1,200 pounds and are made of anodized and bright dipped aluminum and are ready to work!