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US Speedo Stealth Edition Gauge Face Kits SERM11

Product Information
Our Price: $199.99
Part #:SERM11
Font Style:Standard Font
Applications: (2006) Dodge Ram 1500 120 MPH, 7000 RPM Tach
(2006) Dodge Ram 2500 w/ Gas Engine, 120 MPH, w/ 7000 Tach
(2006) Dodge Ram 3500 w/ Gas Engine, 120 MPH, w/ 7000 Tach
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Ships Oct 28th - Nov 1st


  • This is a gauge face overlay, not a full replacement cluster
  • Black stainless steel finish


If you're looking for a life changing product for your vehicle, you have come to the right place. The US Speedo Stealth Edition gauge face kit has a killer look that you need. It is made out of an etched stainless steel that brings out a stealth black color. Doing this makes the stainless steel shine black.

With a US Speedo Stealth Edition gauge face kit, most of the items have custom white numbers and at night they show light blue. This gives off a really unique appearance and will look great in any vehicle. Included with this product you will receive a needle removal tool and installation instructions which will make installation a breeze. Also, most models do include new needles as well.

Hurry up and get a US Speedo Stealth Edition gauge face kit now! It will make it feel like you have a brand new vehicle and who doesn't love that?

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How to install the US Speedo Stealth Edition gauge face kit:

1. Read & follow the installation instructions

2. Check out your awesome handy work

3. Show your friends

4. Go to our Facebook page and show us your installed product

1 Year Warranty

US Speedo Stealth Edition gauge face kits are backed with a manufacturer's 12 month limited warranty.