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Rubber Van Liners

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VanTred Rubber Cargo Mat
VanTred Rubber Cargo Mat
From:  $201.00  
Weather Guard Van Cargo Mat
From:  $272.95  

Rubber Van Liners

In a lot of cases, work vans are used more than trucks… and just like a truck, vans need protection. Protection you ask? Yes protection, and that’s where we come in. RealTruck carries a selection of rubber van liners made specific for your make and model.
But that’s not all; we also offer very low prices as well as free shipping.

Protecting assets is the name of the game in today’s world. Why buy new when there are plenty of ways to protect the old. Our rubber van mats do just that. They’re custom designed to fit your make with precision. Not to mention, the cushiony rubber absorbs cargo weight and drastically prevents load shifting.

Onto the next job site and there’s no time to be gentle. Just throw tools, materials and other cargo inside quickly and race off. Yes, it would be nice to have time allotted for a careful and calculated tool throwing, but that’s never the case. With all this chaos comes more chaos including scratches, scrapes and dents. But that’s not all… there’s more! This unnecessary damage causes rust, which drastically lowers the quality and value of your van.

Dings, dents and scratches can be avoided by simply installing one of our rubber van liners. They absorb heavy duty blows, keeping your van in MINT condition. In addition, crawling on your knees to grab a tool has never been so forgiving.

Thank you for choosing us as your rubber, cargo van liner needs. We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call. We’ll help you make the best informed decision possible.

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