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Stampede Window Deflectors

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Stampede Window Deflectors

If it's style and function you need in your next window deflector purchase, check out our huge selection of Stampede window deflectors. These bad boys come in an array of finish options and are available in either sets or pairs. In addition, RealTruck will be your first and last stop with our low prices, free shipping and first class customer service.

There’s no better way to personalize your ride than by adding a set of Stampede window deflectors. Most people just except the norm, but not you… we know you’re different. Don’t follow the crowd, leaving your ride absolutely bare. Buy a set of our wind visors today and be the minority, stand out and make a statement.

Imagine you and your buddy’s saddle up to make a trip to the beach to check out the ladies. There’s only one difference between this day and all the others. Today you have killer vent visors on your ride that you ordered from While at the beach you notice that the ladies are looking back at you, looking at them. Well this is a first. They must have finally noticed how cool you guys are. Not likely. More likely, they saw the sun gleaming off your new Stampede window deflectors and couldn’t help but stare.

Now that we’ve got style out of the way, we’d like you to know that, as mentioned before, there’s more to a Stampede window visor. They also offer many functions including allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping moisture out, as well as dramatically lessening wind noise. What a concept, an accessory built to add style and function as well as withstand the harshest environments out there.