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Vision X Transporter LED Off-Road Lights

Product Information
List Price:
$536.25 - $748.75
Our Price:
$429.00 - $599.00
Select one or more products
Vision X ctl-tpx1240
X Tranporter LED Light - Fog 40° Beam
List Price:
$536.25 - $748.75
Our Price:
$429.00 - $599.00
Select Size, Color, Housing, & Kit Type
  • 6.7" Round | White LEDs 4,437 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 45w Light | 9 LEDs
  • 6.7" Round | White LEDs 5,916 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 60w Light | 12 LEDs
  • 6.7" Round | White LEDs 8,874 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 90w Light | 18 LEDs
Vision X ctl-tpx1210
X Tranporter LED Light - Off-Road 10° Spot Beam
List Price:
$536.25 - $748.75
Our Price:
$429.00 - $599.00
Select Size, Color, Housing, & Kit Type
  • 6.7" Round | White LEDs 2,840 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 45w Light | 9 LEDs
  • 6.7" Round | White LEDs 4,085 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 60w Light | 12 LEDs
  • 6.7" Round | White LEDs 5,299 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 90w Light | 18 LEDs


  • 6" round light
  • Features 5 watt LEDs, for an output of up to 8,874 lumens
  • Choose between narrow and wide beam patterns
  • Has black die-cast aluminum housing
  • Includes wiring harness, switch, allen wrench & Vision X decal

The Vision X Transporter LED Off-Road Lights have 5 watt LEDs with 493 lumens per LED that give the ultimate light output. A durable die-cast aluminum housing that is black and gives strength and protection against the harshest weather conditions is a great component when off-roading.

A single-stud mount system is used with knurled aiming knobs that have 15 degree adjustability. This item has Electronic Thermal Management that monitors the heat output of the LEDs and uses integrated Pulse Width Modulation circuitry to maintain safe operating temperatures which will prolong the life span of the LEDs, which has a 50,000 hour potential.

The Pulse Width Modulation dimming circuitry manages heat levels; it works by flashing the LED at a frequency faster than the human eye can see. Delivering 100% light output while it reduces the time the LED is operating, and it's driven to 90% efficiency which wastes less energy and has more light output.

Included with the Vision X Transporter LED Off-Road Lights is an integrated Deutsch connector with a plug-and-play harness. It also includes a wiring harness and an adjustable allen wrench.

Beam patterns explained

Truck lighting beam patterns (side-view)
Truck lighting beam patterns (top-view)



What is the difference between driving lights, spot lights, fog lights, and flood lights?

Driving Lights

Often referred to as fog lights, driving lights have a beam that is able to travel a longer distance, but not as wide.  Driving lights perform best when used to supplement your high-beams.  Or they may be aimed lower and supplement your low-beams.

Spot / Off-Road Lights

Spot lights are strictly for off-road usage due to their powerful, tight beam.  Using an array of spot lights will offer more coverage by aiming them at slightly different angles.

Fog Lights

Fog lights are generally mounted low on the vehicle such as the bumper or bumper grille.  The light pattern is very wide, with a flat horizontal cutoff.  When properly aimed, fog lights are the perfect complement to your low-beams.  This is by far the most popular beam pattern and are installed on many vehicles from the factory - though there's always room for improvement by upgrading your existing fog lights.

Flood Lights

Flood lights have a beam pattern that may be similar in width to a fog light, but the beam does not have a horizontal cutoff.  Therefore they are also for off-road use only.  As with spot lights, a mounting location high on the vehicle is ideal.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Vision X Transporter LED Off Road Lights are covered by the extended limited lifetime warranty.
Proof of Purchase is required to validate warranty and is valid from the original date of purchase. All units must be bought through a local authorized Vision X.
Improper installation, accident, abuse, neglect and normal wear are not covered under warranty.
Off-road light warranty does not include consumables, such as bulbs or broken glass.
Halogen bulb warranty does not cover broken glass due to improper installation or abuse.
Lights are operated in environments under 150 degree Fahrenheit.
Warranted items will be repaired to working condition and returned without cosmetic alterations.
The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to Seattle for warranty.
Non-warranted items can be repaired at the customer’s expense of parts and labor at the discretion of Vision Motor Sports, who will provide an estimated repair cost before proceeding with the repair.


The Vision X Transporter LED offroad lights by Vision X Offroad, LLC is an easy at home installation. For additional information see the install manual below or call us at 1-877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906.

PDF Icon Vision X Transporter LED Offroad Lights Installation Instructions